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Israeli musician Gil Dor - גיל דור (Noa's musical partner-mentor-friend) was born on December 12th 1952 and grew up in Holon (a tel-aviv satellite town). His mother Yehudit was an elementary school teacher and later taught in a teachers college. Gil's father was an agronomist PHD in genetics and worked for an agricultural research institution. He is retired and lives in Tel Aviv. 

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Gil Dor has one brother, Yuval, who have had a career as a singer in a very popular group in israel called "hakol over habibi". First contacts with music started early. Gil's father was a very serious amateur pianist and his mother and grandparents all played some piano too. Together with his brother took piano lessons from a very early age and he switched to guitar when he was eleven.


Gil Dor figured out how to play a few songs on his grandfather's old russian guitar. Then studied (from 63 to 71) with the Israeli classical guitar master Menashe Bakish at which time he started his army service. During his 2nd and 3rd year in the IDF, Gil served as a guitarist in a band. 

Since the beginning of his affair with the guitar he played and harmonized songs by ear (folk pop rock and later jazz) and his favorites changed with the passing time: joan baez, the weavers, pete seeger, cliff richard and the shadows, the beatles,  stones, animals,beach boys, deep purple,led zeppelin, procol harum, jimmy hendrix, johnny winter, simon and garfunkel, Zappa, joe pass, pat martino, and a whole line of jazz guitarist followed by miles davis,chick corea, Herbie hancock, john Mclaughlin... These were his influences in a nutshell (on top of bach, bartok, brahms,cezar franc.... ) untill he finished his army service in 74, a few month after the "Yom Kipur" war.

In that time Gil married Neta, a singer in the band (now an architect) and they both went to Boston where he studied for a while at Berklee college of music ( 74-75) and then moved to NY where worked and studied music at queens college. In 1979 was born Gil's first son Roey in NY city (first of three, inbal-82 and omri-86 ) and in 81 returned to Israel. 

Gil Dor played with israeli rock star Shalom Chanoch and became a very busy session musician as well as an active jazz guitarist in the israeli scene. In 85 co-founded Rimon school of music taught there and was dean of curriculum. Gil toured with guitarist Al dimeola during summers of 86 and 87 in europe. During those years ( 85-90) formed conducted and arranged for the "rimon a-cappella ensemble" inspired by gene purling and "singers unlimited". wrote music to videos, theater and played on numerous local jazz festivals and with various pop/rock artists.

In october 89 Gil met Noa who came to study in Rimon school of music.... and started together an amazing career.

Gil and Noa have been friends and partners since 1990. Gil Dor has been one of the greatest influences in Noa's life: teacher, mentor, advisor, conspirator, psychologist, harmonizor, philosopher, house genius, guardian angel. Noa feels connected to him on all levels, soul and mind and spirit. Quoting Noa's words, they "dream in unison"

Special Note: Gil Dor's discography is deeply linked to Noa but in 1997 participated with other great guitarists in an amazing cd called "Palabra de Guitarra Latina" (Latin Guitar's word) perfoming the song "Uma Matica".

Larry Coryell (Amapola), Jaime Stinus (Guantanamera), Luis Salinas (El día que me quieras), Jordi Bonell (Mediterráneo), Tito Alcedo (Suspiros de España), Gil Dor (Uma matica), Tomatito (Bésame Mucho), Toledo (El reloj), Joel Xavier (Vou dar de beber à dor), Javier Vargas (Sabor a mí), Joan Bibiloni (Mañana de Carnaval), Ray Gómez (Los ejes de mi carreta), Bireli Lagrene (Nuages), Raimundo Amador (Oye como va) y Joan Bibiloni (Palabra de guitarra latina).
BMG entertainment Spain. 1997



Gil Dor is a highly accomplished guitarist who adds to his talents those of composer, arranger, teacher and producer. When Maestro plays the frictionless, flawless transitioning from chord to note to cadence to phrase to everything are seamless and effortless. It's not just that Gil Dor is a technically perfect player, but the arrangements and accompaniments for Noa songs are in a word breathtaking. Where Noa & maestro Gil go, magic walks with them...


About Gil Dor's Guitar Setup and equipment (info provided by himself at Noa's Music eGroup):Gil uses an acoustic guitar built for him by linda manzer with 0.12 phosphor bronze strings (d'addario or elixir )
a gibson L-5 electric jazz guitar (early 60th) for most concerts a fender telecaster with a custom Warmoth wider neck a manne semiacoustic guitar 

About Rimon School (cofounded by Gil Dor)
The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music
Shmuel Hanagid Street 46
47295 Morasha, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
Phone: +972-3-540-8882
Fax: +972-3-549-6163
Rimon School website:

(Thanks to the amazing maestro Gil Dor for bringing this site this unique bio info but NotOnly)

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